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Toad Medical Corporation takes great time and care when fabricating each brace for our clients and their patients. 

Toad’s warranty follows the industry standards and is as follows:


[*]     Hardware, Plastic and metal components are covered at no charge for 3 months

[*]     All soft materials, posts, top covers, velcro and limb support pads are covered at no charge for ninety days. 

[*]     Silicone liners are covered for 30 days.

[*]     Should the device crack or break, remove it and do not use again until you contact our office. Straps should be kept clean of clothing fabric, pet        

         hair and dirt to insure the device is properly secured to your extremity. Do not use lotions or powders

[*]     Tampering, and failure to properly care for this item(s) may result in the warranty be voided.


The Toad or Tag brace is a custom item ordered and fabricated for a specific patient.  As is standard in the custom Orthotic and Prosthetic industry, due to the amount of materials and the specificity of the measurements and as custom braces and prosthetics cannot be sanitized and reused, this is a NON RETURNABLE/REFUNDABLE item. 

Toad Medical Corporation is not liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages including loss of time, inconvenience, loss of the use of the product, or commercial losses, ill fit due to casting and measurement inconsistencies, change in patient volume.  The TOAD/TAG brace is purchased outright by a facility for use on a specific patient.  It is the facilities responsibility to make the patient aware that, also, standard in the custom field, once they have signed for a custom item, it is not returnable or refundable as the item was fabricated especially to their measurements and cannot be returned or used for another patient.

Notice: Every effort has been taken in manufacturing processes to obtain the maximum compatibility of function, strength, durability, and comfort. If patient experiences any problems with the product, please instruct them to return the product to the fitting specialist where it was dispensed.  A return authorization will be issued by Toad if Toad deems the device to be defective due to a fabrication malfunction.

Do not return the product to Toad Medical Corporation directly.
Toad Medical Corporation’s sole responsibility is to replace, repair, or refund its products in accordance with the above.