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Thank You!

Love the brace!

It is helping so much - I will probably be keeping my leg thanks to your brace!

Thomas T

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It has been said by us and others that ‘It’s not what you put on, but what you take off’ a wound that is primarily important to healing. I believe that with modern wound care techniques coupled with next-generation offloading technology such as Toad Medical Corporation’s T-Brace, we can dramatically reduce the number and severity of wounds and amputations, worldwide.

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD
Professor of Surgery and Director
Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)
University of Arizona College of Medicine


Today my 9 year-old niece ran her first 5K race, the Lollipop Run (part of a fun program, for girls of all incomes, designed to instill self-confidence). As a competitive runner and a charter member of my niece’s fan club, I had been keen to pace her in the race, running alongside and encouraging her effort. However, that was not to be — owing to a running injury in which I broke a bone in my forefoot. Hobbling around on crutches, I despaired of even being able to be a spectator at this event, owing to the long distances from one place to another at the race venue.

Thanks to Toad Corp’s T-Brace, which redistributes the weight from my injured foot to my calf, I was able to share this special first-time event with my niece and her family in Golden Gate Park. Freed of crutches, I walked comfortably from my car to the race start/finish, stayed on my feet to cheer her effort, and then ambulated to the Science Museum where I navigated the cafe (tray in hand), enjoyed lunch with the family, and visited the exhibits. Two weeks prior, on crutches, I would have been unable to do any of this. I am hopeful that the T-Brace will speed my recovery and the time when I can share the joys of trail running with Zoe.

Thanks to the T-Brace I have regained my mobility while my foot heals.
Mimi Willard, Masters competitive runner

The Toad Braces are superbly designed, providing new functionality and freedom for someone unable to bare weight on one foot or even two feet. Additionally, the braces are exquisitely fabricated – they are not heavy or bulky – nor are they unattractive, issues that can be ‘sensitive’ for disabled individuals. For me, someone with extreme leg muscle atrophy and bilateral heel fractures, the Toad Braces work with ease and comfort; they are the optimal solution for regained mobility, leg strengthening and improving one’s general quality of life.

Barbara Edelston Peterson, World Renown XTerra Champion

We’ve been rather impressed with this device, as it makes a great deal of sense. Currently, we’ve used it on people with massive heel wounds and/or Charcot arthopathy.

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD
Professor of Surgery and Director
Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA)
University of Arizona College of Medicine

This is to let you know that the ulcer on my left foot has closed after just two weeks using the T-Brace. This is simply amazing. The best part is that there was no pressure transferred to the other foot, a result that had only been achieved by using a wheelchair up until this time.
I was able to get around with no problems, and I cannot tell you what that freedom meant to me. Thank you doesn’t begin to say it, but thank you.

Sincerely, John Byrne

I received my brace on 12/27/13 and wore it for about 2 months.  I had a tear in my plantar fascia so it was an untraditional use of the brace.   I did not like the scooter that the doctor recommended at all so we tried the brace and it worked.  I am a social worker and go out into the community for my job and it really made it much easier to do my job (scooting around just did not work.)  It takes a bit to get used to but worked well for me.  Thanks!


This TAG Brace has been by far, the best option for my foot in the 20 years since my injury.  20 years ago, my left foot was crushed by a 6000 pound forklift.  My foot was skin grafted from the ankle down.  When I walk with a shoe (even with a customized shoe insert) my skin tends to open.    Even after 15+ surgeries, the heel pad continues to break down.    My doctor says my foot is similar to someone who is diabetic with ulcers.

I have tried crutches, various foot and leg brace boots, a hands free knee scooter and multiple customized shoes with inserts,   None of these have worked, long term.  The crutches are inconvenient and hurt under my arms and the palm of my hands. The foot braces weren’t very customizable outside of small, medium and large.  Although it did help protect my foot, it didn’t take pressure off my heel. The one scooter wasn’t useful when it came to stairs and over time, it hurt my knee. The custom shoes with inserts haven’t helped in alleviating the pressure and pain in my foot.

The TAG Brace takes almost 100% of the pressure off my foot, with absolutely zero pressure on my heel.  It’s given me the opportunity to be more active with my 2 and 6 year old daughters, thank you!  In the past, I was very limited with the amount of time I could be on my foot, due to pain, fatigue and possibility of physically wearing down my foot.  I literally had a difficult time walking around the grocery store, mall, park etc.  With your product, I am able to do all of these things without hesitation.  It takes less than 5 minutes to put it on in the morning, and I’m able to wear it throughout the day.  As for my foot, it’s not totally healed yet, but it has greatly improved since wearing the brace.  I feel confident it will be completely healed within the next few months.   

Again, I can’t thank your company enough for creating a product that works for me.   I was injured when I was 20 years old and have been battling this issue with my foot for over 20 years now.  I truly feel your product is innovative and something I will continue to use long term.

Thank you,
Andy S


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